Dental Care Plan Terms and Conditions

Dental Care Plan Terms and Conditions

Reigate Dental Centre role is to provide dental care through our plans and administrative services to support this Agreement between you and Reigate Dental Centre. This includes collecting your payments for your dental plan

Terms used

1.1 In these terms and conditions, when we use the word You this means each of the Patients who are included in this application (as appropriate). If and When we use the word Dentist we mean the Reigate Dental Centre.

2. Payment

2.1 You agree to pay an initial administration fee to cover the set-up of the plan, which will be added to your first Plan payment. The fees will be payable by Direct Debit through Bacs and Paypal to Dr Ruta Lagunaite who collects the fees as Owner of Reigate Dental Centre. Plan fees can also be paid annually can be paid by Direct Debit or credit card/debit card.

2.2 For this fee the Dentist will provide dental services according to as set out in this Patient Agreement. Details about the services provided under the Plan can be found on the practice website (

2.3 Any discounts applied to the monthly membership fee are at the discretion of the Dentist. Group discounts are only applicable where payment is made by a single Direct Debit or annual payment.

2.4 On the monthly plan your first appointment is booked 6 months from date of signing up. If you would like to be seen as early as possible, we can book you in asap but we would have to charge you for the appointment and any treatment separate to the plan.

2.5 You agree to pay for all treatment carried out by the dentist that is in addition to treatment covered by the Plan Benefits. The Dentist will provide you with the fee-per-item costs at the time of agreeing to treatment.

2.6 Where the plan fee is being paid by someone other than you, it remains your responsibility to pay the fees, so it is your responsibility to ensure that the payer pays all fees payable by you under this Agreement. You agree that by making these payments the payer is acting on your behalf as your agent.

2.7 To the extent that any patient is under the age of 18, the payer will be responsible to ensure that the patient complies with their obligations under this Agreement.

2.8 Patients will have to pay 6 months upfront if they would like to be seen as early as possible otherwise they will have to wait 6 months for the first appointment.

2.9 Please note that a £10 joining fee per person is applied upon enrolling.

3. Treatment exclusions

3.1 All restorative treatment will be excluded as well as the exclusions listed below. Any treatment which is purely cosmetic• Any treatment which is not clinically necessary in the treating dentist’s specialist opinion• Treatment carried out anywhere other than at the Reigate Dental Centre which may later need correcting, Sedation fees• Pharmaceutical items or laboratory fees reasonably charged by the Dentist which must be paid for in addition to the Plan fee.

4. Provision of care.

4.1 The dental services will be carried out by the Dentist. The Dentist may also arrange for a suitably qualified person to carry out the dental services, such as for example a locum dentist.

5. Emergency care

5.1 Reigate Dental Centre will provide emergency treatment at a discounted cost to plan members and will provide one free appointment to members that pay the annual fee, this does not include any prescription on medication, which will be discounted.

5.2 This program is not a health insurance policy.

5.3 There is no worldwide emergency dental health cover included.

6. Non-payment of fees

6.1 If you do not pay the plan fee, Reigate Dental Centre will inform you and try to collect the payment. If you fail to pay this agreement will be terminated as per Condition 10.3 of these terms and conditions.

7. Patient responsibilities

7.1 You agree (as well as paying the plan fees) to a) Attend the Reigate Dental Centre when invited to do so for check-ups or treatment purposes; b) Accept the advice and recommendations from the treating dentist in respect of remedial work which safeguards your general dental health; and c) Inform the treating dentist of any injury, difficulty or other relevant matter affecting your dental health generally. If you fail to comply with the terms of this agreement you may be liable for any fee which the Dentist may require for treatment as a result.

7.2 All appointments made by you with the Reigate Dental Centre are made in accordance with the practice rules and procedures. As such, please note that the Dentist may charge you for missed appointments and cancellations without sufficient notice.You should check the Dentist’s procedures to find out the required notice period and if such charges are applied.

7.3 It is your responsibility to ensure that your contact details are kept up to date with Reigate Dental Centre

8. Changes to fees

8.1 The Dentist may increase the plan fee once every 12 months and will give one month’s notice before the increase is applied. Reigate Dental Centre has the right to amend Plan Benefits as set out in this agreement and in the practice literature by providing one month’s notice of any such change.

9. Variations

9.1 Reigate Dental Centre can change the conditions of this Agreement, for instance, to take account of changes in the law, including to vary the fee due to an increase in taxation, giving you not less than one month’s written notice. If you do not wish the Agreement to continue once the change comes into force, you can end the Agreement, at any time, by contacting the Reigate Dental Centre, up to the time the notice of variation takes effect. If you do not do this by the time the notice of variation expires you will be deemed to have accepted the variation.

10. Duration and ending the contract

10.1 The Plan will continue unless it is ended by either the Reigate Dental Centre or you.

10.2 You can cancel this Agreement by contacting Reigate Dental Centre within the cancellation period, which is 30 days after this Agreement is signed. Any fees you have paid will be refunded unless you have received any treatment in the 30 days. After this period has expired, you can end the Agreement by giving at least one month’s notice to the Dentist, expiring on the last day of a calendar month. Reigate Dental Centre can end this Agreement by giving you at least one month’s notice, expiring on the last day of a calendar month, unless you have started a course of treatment which will take longer than one month. If this is the case, the Agreement will end when the treatment is completed.

10.3 Reigate Dental Centre can also end this Agreement at any time if: a) Your fees are not paid: b) You fail or delay paying the Dentist for any dental services provided, that are not covered by your Plan Benefits: c) The Dentist refuses on reasonable grounds to treat you. An end to Dr Ruta Lagunaite appointment to act as collecting agent of the Reigate Dental Centre will also terminate this Agreement. Reigate Dental Centre will give you at least one month’s notice in these circumstances.

10.4 You are not entitled to a refund if the Agreement is cancelled after the initial 30 day cancellation period (unless you pay annually).

10.5 When the Plan is ended, for any reason, you agree to pay any fees due to the Dentist at that date and any that become due afterwards.

11. Liabilities

11.1 Reigate Dental Centre responsibility to you extends in respect of its administration of your plan and collection of monthly fees and is also responsible regarding clinical matters, dental treatment and the conduct of the Dentist and its staff.

12. Complaints

12.1 Reigate Dental Centre has an in-house complaints procedure. If you are unhappy with any aspect of your dental care you should approach Reigate Dental Centre Practice/ Owner Manager directly.

13. Other Terms and Conditions

13.1 This Agreement is exclusive to you and is not transferable by you or between patients and it does not cover the services for you of any dental practice other than the Reigate Dental Centre. This agreement may be transferred between dentists within the same practice, following conversion to a limited company or upon the sale of the practice and/or goodwill to a new owner. You will be provided with appropriate notice of such changes.

13.4 All notices that Reigate Dental Centre will give you under the provisions of this Agreement must be in writing and will be sent to your last known address/email address (if you have opted for electronic communication).

13.5 This document (together with all other documents referred to in it) sets out the entire Agreement between you, Reigate Dental Centre, relating to the Plan and supersedes and terminates by mutual agreement any prior agreements, other than any fraudulent or negligent misrepresentation made by any party. This Condition should not, however, be read as allowing Reigate Dental Centre or you to avoid liability for statements made negligently or fraudulently.

13.6 If you, or Reigate Dental Centre, do not exercise a right under this Agreement or delay exercising a right, this does not mean that you, or they, have agreed to waive this, or any other right in this Agreement, in the future.

13.7 If any provision in this Agreement is held or made invalid by a court, statute rule or otherwise, the remainder of this Agreement will not be affected.

13.8 This Agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the Law of England and Wales and the English Courts alone shall have jurisdiction in any dispute.

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