Airflow Hygiene Therapy

What Is Airflow?

Airflow technology represents an advanced dental instrument renowned for its efficacy and efficiency in dental cleaning. Its creation stems from a fusion of engineering and dental expertise.

Airflow devices, comprising a bespoke handpiece blending air, water, and fine powder particles, connect to compressed air and water supplies, generating a controlled spray. These devices also incorporate a powder chamber housing specific powders required for the procedure.
The cleaning powders, typically a blend of sodium bicarbonate and glycine, are chosen for their gentle abrasive qualities, effectively removing stains and plaque without harm to teeth or gums.

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Airflow Cleaning Services

We offer advanced dental cleaning services at Reigate Dental Centre using the latest technology and techniques. Our airflow cleaning service is more efficient and effective than traditional dental scaling and polishing methods.

Benefits of Airflow Cleaning

Airflow cleaning combines air, water, and specially designed powders to remove surface stains and plaque buildup from teeth. The benefits of airflow cleaning include:

  • More thorough cleaning: Airflow cleaning can reach areas that traditional dental cleaning methods can’t, providing a more comprehensive cleaning experience.
  • Faster cleaning: The airflow machine can clean your teeth more quickly than traditional methods so that you can get back to your day faster.
  • Better results: Airflow cleaning can remove more stubborn stains and plaque buildup, leaving your teeth looking and feeling cleaner.

The Process

During an airflow cleaning appointment, one of our trained dental professionals will use a machine to propel the air, water, and powder mixture onto your teeth. The powder used in airflow cleaning is typically made from sodium bicarbonate and other abrasive agents, which help to remove surface stains and plaque buildup.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is airflow cleaning safe?

Q: Is airflow cleaning safe?

A: Yes, airflow cleaning is generally considered safe for most patients. However, patients with sensitive teeth or gum disease may require more gentle cleaning techniques and those with respiratory issues may be advised to avoid the procedure due to the potential for aerosolisation of particles.

How often should I get an airflow cleaning?

Q: How often should I get an airflow cleaning?

A: This will depend on your individual needs and your dental professional’s recommendation. We recommend scheduling an airflow cleaning appointment at least once a year or more frequently if you have significant staining or buildup.

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