Dental Care Plan Terms and Conditions


This document contains the terms and conditions for the dental care plan offered by Reigate Dental Centre. By agreeing to this plan, you acknowledge that Reigate Dental Centre will provide dental services, administrative support, and collect payments for the plan. “You” refers to each patient included in this application, and “Dentist” refers to Reigate Dental Centre.

  1. Plan Payment To enroll in the plan, you must pay an initial administration fee, which will be added to your first plan payment. Payment can be made by Direct Debit, credit card, or debit card via Paypal. The plan covers dental services as described on the practice website.
  2. Discounts Discounts on the monthly membership fee are at the Dentist’s discretion and only apply to group payments made by a single Direct Debit or annual payment.
  3. Exclusions Restorative treatment, purely cosmetic treatment, and any treatment that is not clinically necessary are excluded from the plan. Treatment carried out elsewhere that needs correcting, sedation fees, and pharmaceutical items or laboratory fees charged by the Dentist are also excluded.
  4. Appointment Booking The first appointment is booked six months from the date of signing up. If you want to be seen earlier, you can book an appointment separate from the plan and pay for it separately. All appointments must be made following the practice rules and procedures.
  5. Payment Collection If someone else is paying the plan fee, you must still ensure the fees are paid. If a patient is under 18, the payer must ensure they comply with the agreement. If you fail to pay the plan fee, Reigate Dental Centre will try to collect the payment. Failure to pay may result in the termination of the agreement.
  6. Emergency Treatment The Dentist will provide dental services but may arrange for a qualified person to perform the services. Emergency treatment will be discounted to plan members, and members who pay the annual fee will receive one free appointment. This is not a health insurance policy, and no worldwide emergency dental health cover is included.
  7. Compliance You must attend the Reigate Dental Centre for check-ups and treatment, accept the treating Dentist’s advice, and inform them of any relevant matters affecting your dental health. If you fail to comply, you may be liable for treatment fees.
  8. Amendments The Dentist may increase the plan fee once every 12 months and provide one month’s notice before the increase is applied. Reigate Dental Centre may also amend plan benefits by providing one month’s notice. Reigate Dental Centre may change the conditions of the agreement to account for changes in the law, including varying the fee due to an increase in taxation.
  9. Termination You may end the agreement by contacting the Reigate Dental Centre up to the time the notice of variation takes effect.

By agreeing to this plan, you acknowledge that you have read and understood these terms and conditions, and agree to comply with them.