Online Plan Terms and Conditions

Plan Payment: You must pay an initial administration fee and your first plan payment. Payment options include Direct Debit, credit card, or debit card via Paypal. The plan covers specified dental services as outlined on the practice website.

There are no discounts on the plan fee. Discounts may apply only to treatments not covered by the plan and are at the Dentist’s discretion.

Treatment Coverage: Certain treatments, such as restorative and purely cosmetic treatments, are excluded from the plan unless the plan is specifically designated as a cosmetic plan. Treatment carried out elsewhere requiring correction, sedation fees, and pharmaceutical items or laboratory fees charged by the Dentist are also not covered.

Appointment booking: For patients joining the monthly plan, the first appointment is scheduled six months after sign-up. This allows payments to accumulate to the value of the hygiene appointment. If earlier appointments are desired, they must be booked separately and paid for individually, following practice rules and procedures.

Patients opting for the 6-month or yearly plan can be seen immediately upon signing up.

Each plan differs, and patients are entitled to the benefits of their chosen plan. If extra hygiene appointments are required, they must be paid for separately.

Payment Collection: If someone else is paying the plan fee on your behalf, you are responsible for ensuring payment. For patients under 18, the payer must ensure compliance. Failure to pay may result in termination of the agreement. Payments are collected on the same day each month; please ensure you have sufficient funds in your account. If a payment is missed, you will lose your benefits.

Emergency Treatment: The Dentist will provide emergency dental services, potentially by a qualified third party. Plan members receive discounted emergency treatment, and those paying the annual fee receive one free appointment. However, this plan does not constitute health insurance, and global emergency dental health coverage is not included.

Compliance: Patients must attend Reigate Dental Centre for check-ups and treatment, follow the Dentist’s advice, and disclose any relevant matters affecting dental health. Non-compliance may result in liability for treatment fees.

Amendments: The Dentist may adjust the plan fee annually with one month’s notice. Plan benefits may also be amended with one month’s notice. Changes may occur to account for legal amendments or changes in taxation.

Patients can cancel their agreement with Reigate Dental Centre at any time. However, no refunds will be available if cancellation occurs after 30 days or if the patient has already received a hygiene appointment.

By agreeing to the plan, patients acknowledge reading and understanding these terms and agree to comply with them.