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Keep Your Gums and Teeth Healthy with Professional Dental Hygiene.

Gum disease now surpasses tooth decay as the leading cause of adult tooth loss. Maintaining regular dental hygiene treatments is crucial for preserving your oral health. Our dedicated team at Reigate Dental Centre is here to support you with a range of hygienist services tailored to your needs.

Our Services Include:

  • Scale and polish treatments
  • Preventative fluoride applications
  • AIR-FLOW therapy
  • Cosmetic stain-removing and brightening treatments

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What to Expect at Your Appointment:

During your hygienist appointment, our expert will conduct a comprehensive dental hygiene examination and perform a professional teeth cleaning service, which includes scaling and polishing. This process effectively removes plaque and tartar build-up, eliminates superficial stains, and provides personalized advice for maintaining optimal dental health at home.

Benefits of Regular Hygienist Visits:

Regular visits to our hygienist not only prevent gum disease and decay but also promote healthier teeth and gums. Our treatments remove hidden plaque and tartar, improving your smile’s overall health and appearance. Additionally, we offer advice on diet and home care to ensure lasting oral hygiene.

Tips for Effective Brushing:

To maintain a happy and healthy smile, remember these essential brushing tips:

  • Floss or use an interdental brush before brushing
  • Avoid wetting your toothbrush before applying toothpaste
  • Brush for two minutes twice a day
  • Use circular motions with a manual toothbrush, or let your electric toothbrush do the work
  • Ensure you brush every tooth, including your tongue
  • Avoid rinsing your mouth after brushing to retain fluoride benefits

Introducing AIR-FLOW Therapy:

AIR-FLOW therapy is a revolutionary stain removal treatment that deeply cleans your gums. This non-chemical treatment uses water, compressed air, and fine powder particles to remove surface stains and enhance your natural smile effectively.

Learn More about AirFlow Hygiene.

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