New Patients Welcome

New patients trust Reigate Dental to provide exceptional dental care. Our comprehensive new patient exam includes a thorough dental examination, oral health assessment, and X-rays. Get a revitalised smile with our professional scale and polish. Book now!

New patient exam scale and polish

New Patient Special:

50% of your first Exam &

Consultation – Saving you £35!

Prioritising Your Dental Health

At Reigate Dental, we provide exceptional dental care tailored to your needs. Our experienced dentist will take the time to understand your unique concerns and goals. We ensure comfort throughout your dental journey with state-of-the-art technology and a gentle approach. New Patients, trust us to help you achieve a healthy and confident smile.

New Patients Welcome

Comprehensive New Patient Exam

    • Thorough dental examination
    • Oral health assessment
    • X-rays for a comprehensive oral condition assessment

Professional Scale & Polish

    • Removal of plaque and tartar
    • Leaves your teeth clean and refreshed

Experience exceptional dental care at Reigate Dental. Book your new patient exam and scale & polish today!

If you are looking for an NHS dentist who is taking on new patients, secure your smile and Savings by Joining Our Dental Plan Today.

Securing dental health has never been more crucial with the UK economy in uncertain times and prices higher than ever. Joining our dental plan provides you with comprehensive coverage and regular check-ups. It ensures cost-effective and hassle-free access to essential dental care, giving you peace of mind in these challenging financial times. Take the first step towards a healthier smile and financial security by enrolling in our Smile Saver dental plan today, our alternative to the NHS. Sign up now using the link to our Smile Saver Plan page.

Are you struggling to secure an NHS dental appointment?

We understand the frustration, and at Reigate Dental Centre, we want to ensure everyone has access to timely and affordable dental care.

Introducing SmileSaver Dental Care Plans: Your Exclusive Solution

Our SmileSaver plan is £11.08 per month, providing you with a private alternative for dental care. It’s important to note that this plan is entirely separate from the NHS and is exclusive to Reigate Dental Centre. For any inquiries, please contact us directly, as this private members-only option is not transferable to other practices.

Benefits of SmileSaver Dental Care Plans:

Not Connected to the NHS: Your Private Alternative Our plans offer an independent and private solution, eliminating the long waiting times associated with NHS services.

Transparent Pricing and Comprehensive Coverage Enjoy hassle-free appointments with transparent pricing. Our annual payment options prioritize your care, ensuring prompt scheduling.

Take Control of Your Dental Health Today Say goodbye to the challenges of accessing NHS dental care. Our exclusive SmileSaver plans offer a clear path to timely, affordable, and comprehensive dental treatment.

Don’t let the struggle for NHS appointments affect your oral health. Join SmileSaver and embrace hassle-free appointments at Reigate Dental Centre. For any questions or concerns, reach out directly to us. Your dental health is our priority!


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