The Ultimate Smile Makeover Package

Includes: Clear Aligners, BlancOne Teeth Whitening, and Airflow Therapy!

What’s in the package?

We have combined the power of Clear Aligners, BlancOne Whitening, Hygiene, and Airflow treatments to give you a comprehensive and genuinely transformative dental experience. Say goodbye to crooked teeth, stains, and oral hygiene concerns. Prepare to embrace a confident, radiant smile that will leave a lasting impression!

Package Details:

Clear Aligners:

  • Straighten your teeth discreetly and comfortably with our state-of-the-art clear aligners.
  • A personalised treatment plan tailored to your unique dental needs.
  • Achieve a perfectly aligned smile without the hassle of traditional braces.

BlancOne Whitening:

  • Experience the brilliance of professional teeth whitening with BlancOne.
  • Remove stains and discolouration, revealing a brighter, whiter smile.
  • Advanced whitening technology for safe and effective results.

Hygiene Session:

  • Ensure your oral health is in top condition with a comprehensive hygiene session.
  • A thorough examination, professional cleaning, and personalised oral hygiene advice.
  • Create a foundation of optimal oral health for your smile makeover.

Airflow Treatment:

  • Revitalise your smile with our Airflow treatment.
  • Gentle yet effective removal of surface stains, plaque, and tartar buildup.
  • Achieve a clean and vibrant smile that radiates confidence.


Why Choose Our Complete Smile Transformation Package?


  • Enjoy receiving multiple transformative treatments in one comprehensive package.

Personalised Approach:

  • Each treatment is tailored to your dental needs and goals.

Expert Dental Care:

  • Our experienced dental professionals ensure high-quality care throughout your smile transformation journey.

Lasting Results:

  • Embrace long-lasting results that will leave you smiling for years.

Unlock Your Perfect Smile Today! Contact us to schedule your consultation and take the first step towards your complete smile transformation. Our dedicated team is here to guide you through each treatment, ensuring a comfortable and rewarding dental experience. Say hello to a confident, dazzling smile that will truly transform your life!

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Customer reviews
elizabeth seales
elizabeth seales
I made an effort to review as I am so impressed by my treatment yesterday. I am dental phobic after many horrible experiences with dentists as a child. All of the staff at this surgery were amazing. The dentist was really respectful, nonjudgmental and kind. The dental nurse supported me through the treatment. They took every step to ensure I was ok and comfortable. I am so grateful! Thank you
andy meyer
Andy Meyer
Always provide a friendly and professional service and costs are reasonable. Provided free NHS places for 2 children at very short notice.
lola equestrian
Lola Equestrian
Dr. Zaheer and his team provided excellent customer service as well as great dental care. It was my first time visiting the Reigate Dental Centre and I was thoroughly impressed with the dental work. Dr. Zaheer made sure to inform me of what he was doing, and the purpose behind it, making it a very comfortable atmosphere. I have visited other dental practices in the past, however, Reigate Dental Centre is where I will be coming back to from now on.
faye gunner
Faye Gunner
Can’t thank Julie the receptionist enough. I called for an emergency appt for a family member and she went above and beyond to get us an appointment with a dentist at such short notice!
antonio breakenridge
antonio Breakenridge
I visited this Centre recently to have my teeth clean. I was very impress firstly with the entrance approach. I had my temperature taken at the door before entering the surgery, this put my mind at rest and was very reassuring. On entering the the Centre there was a place for coats/scarves etc. The receptionist Julie was very welcoming. My treatment was prompt and very professional by Rula the dental surgeon. I left the Centre with a smile on my face and would certainly have no hesitation in recommending visiting this dental Centre.
n kc
We always feel in such safe hands at Reigate Dental Centre. Everyone who works there always welcome us with smile, friendliness and exceptionally professional dental procedures. I would like to say that this is the most compliant dental practice we have attended. They always act immediately upon any dental requests. We can’t recommend this place enough and we would not go anywhere else! They make you feel so welcome and at ease. Thank you so much to Ruta and her amazing team. Mr & Mrs Cook and Sebastian
ndu wodu
Ndu Wodu
My wife and I both get treatment at Reigate Dental. The team there are very friendly and very professional. Totally recommend a visit.
chris golsby
chris golsby
I am extremely disatisfied and unhappy with the service of this dentist. I saw them for a sore tooth. So they first did a root canal on the wrong tooth and then did a second root canal on the right tooth, they say both teeth were bad but only one was hurting. hmmm do i beleive them. NO. Also they thought to charge me for both. Since then the tooth kept hurting and did not get better. I therefore missed 2 appointments as it was pointless. Tooth has now got worse again and they are refusing to see me. AVOID THESE USELESS DENTISTS AT ALL COSTS.
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