Dr Estella Mensah

Associate Dental Surgeon
Dr Estella experienced dentist in Reigate
Dr Estella Mensah
Associate Dental Surgeon

Dr Estella Mensah stands as a meticulous dental professional, equipped with comprehensive training and expertise to address diverse patient needs. Utilising cutting-edge techniques, she enhances patient aesthetics and oral wellness with precision and care.

Her skillset encompasses a wide array of procedures, including the surgical extraction of impacted wisdom teeth and abnormal oral growths, as well as preparation for dental implant placements. Dr Mensah's proficiency extends to root canal therapies, effectively treating nerve and dental pulp ailments to safeguard teeth and gums from further harm.

Recognising the importance of patient education, Dr Mensah actively engages with patients and their families, imparting knowledge on dental issues and fostering proper oral care practices to prevent decay and disease. Each patient receives personalised treatment plans tailored to maintain or restore their oral health.

With a keen eye for detail, Dr Mensah diligently inspects the developing mouths of her young patients, ensuring optimal growth and alignment. Committed to excellence and compassionate care, Dr Estella Mensah exemplifies the pinnacle of dental professionalism, delivering exceptional outcomes and enhancing the smiles of those she serves.

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