Svetoslava Matova

reception desk, best dentist in reigate
reception desk, best dentist in reigate

In April 2022, Svetoslava became a valued team member at Reigate Dental Centre. Before joining our practice, she gained experience working in a dental care company. Originally from Bulgaria, Svetoslava moved to England in 2008.
Svetoslava’s educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Economics in Varna, which she obtained in 2007. She has also completed additional courses to enhance her knowledge and skills. With extensive customer service experience and exceptional communication skills, Svetoslava is a competent and adaptable team player.
When she’s not at work, Svetoslava is a devoted mother of two children who enjoys exploring her creative side through art and photography. She is a well-organized and enthusiastic individual who brings a friendly and positive attitude to everything she does.


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