To all NHS Patients, we want you at our Practice!

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It’s painful for us to turn you away!

NHS patients are finding it difficult to get an appointment at dental practices across the UK because dental practices are turning them away.

All Dental Practices with a contract with the NHS have yearly targets and must adhere to them strictly; otherwise, there are heavy penalties. This is why we cannot accept any more patients under the NHS.

We don’t want to turn you away; we run our dental practice to treat patients with dental problems. It’s painful to say no to patients when they need treatment.

And we don’t see why you have to go without proper dental care.

So we have developed an affordable dental plan option for people having trouble getting an appointment at a local NHS dentist.

First, we want to make it clear that this offer; is not connected to the NHS in any way and is completely exclusive to the Reigate Dental Centre. Any questions or concerns should go directly to the Reigate Dental Centre as this is a private members-only plan option and is not transferable to any other dental practice unless otherwise stated.

Introducing SmileSaver Dental Care Plans: Your Path to Affordable Dental Care

At Reigate Dental Centre, we understand the frustrations faced by individuals struggling to secure appointments with NHS dentists. We firmly believe that timely and accessible dental care should be available to all. That’s why we’ve created our exclusive SmileSaver Dental Care Plans.

Not Connected to the NHS: Your Private Alternative

Our dental care plans are completely independent of the NHS, offering a private and affordable solution tailored to your needs. Say goodbye to the long waiting times often associated with NHS services. Please note that these plans are exclusively available at Reigate Dental Centre and cannot be transferred to other practices.

Transparent Pricing and Comprehensive Coverage

With our SmileSaver plans, you can choose the level of coverage that suits you best. Each plan provides essential dental services, effectively addressing your oral health needs. We prioritise transparency and offer high-quality care without compromising affordability.

Flexible Options to Fit Your Budget

We offer three distinct SmileSaver plans, each providing progressively comprehensive services to meet your requirements. From basic preventive care to advanced treatments, our plans offer flexible options that align with your budget, making quality dental care accessible without financial strain.

Say Yes to Hassle-Free Appointments

By enrolling in our SmileSaver plans, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that you can secure dental appointments promptly and without the uncertainty of NHS availability. Our annual payment options allow us to prioritise your care and schedule your appointments at the earliest opportunity.

Take Control of Your Dental Health Today

Refrain from facing the challenges of accessing NHS dental care. Our exclusive SmileSaver Dental Care Plans provide a clear path to timely, affordable, and comprehensive dental treatment. Bid farewell to waiting times and embrace hassle-free appointments at Reigate Dental Centre.

Please Note: For any questions or concerns, please direct them to Reigate Dental Centre, as these plans are specific to our practice.

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